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Our vehicles come with a 3 or 6 month warranty in the price but we offer an extended 12 or 24 months from just £249.

The Warranty First car policies are designed to offer similar protection to that which the manufacturer supplied when your car was new, so in effect you are extending your protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown and covering your liability if your car goes wrong.

Following our own extensive research, and the feedback from the thousands of customers who already enjoy peace of mind motoring with us, we have assembled three very comprehensive levels of cover to suit all types of vehicles, irrespective of their age, mileage covered or your own personal driving needs.

Once you have decided which cover level best fits your needs you will be able to tailor the policy by choosing how long you want it for, what financial claim limit you feel comfortable with and how much you would like us to contribute towards the labour rate per hour.

12 Months Extended Warranty From Just £249

Nationwide Protection

Warranty First has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the warranty industry, and finding new and affordable car warranty solutions.

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Exclusive cover

For Vehicles up to 70,000 Miles or 7 Years Old.

Our EXCLUSIVE warranty plan is the best extended warranty cover. The exceptional level of protection provides parts and labour cover for almost all electrical and mechanical components on your vehicle.

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Premier Cover

For Vehicles up to 120,000 Miles or 12 Years Old.

Our PREMIER warranty plan covers over 8,000 mechanical and electrical parts making this policy one of our most comprehensive levels of protection.

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Dynamic Cover

Vehicles up to 150,000 Miles or 15 Years Old.

Our DYNAMIC warranty plan provides the very best value for both cover and affordability and includes an extensive range of parts.

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Used Cars in Colchester

Your perfect vehicle could be waiting in our Used Cars in Colchester.

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We work with a number of finance providers to offer competitive packages for all budgets.

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